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Over 8 million cats and dogs are diagnosed with cancer each year.

But only 1 in 10 will see a veterinary oncologist.


That means, on average, the primary care veterinarian will treat 150 cancer patients each year without the help of an oncologist.


Yet, complicated, traditional treatments are no longer the only option.  Today veterinary oncologists are utilizing therapeutic interventions that do not require a fume hood or hazardous IV chemotherapy.

Dr. Vanessa Rizzo and her team are honored to provide nationwide remote consultations to primary care veterinarians everywhere and anywhere, caring for pets with cancer who do not have direct access to a veterinary oncologist. 


We want to help you and your patients by providing detailed cancer treatment plans based on the latest scientific research and technologies.

You may be surprised to know that only half of our patients are currently receiving traditional intravenous chemotherapy. The other half are treated with oral chemotherapy, targeted therapy, immunotherapies, nutritional support, pain management, and supplements. Dr. Rizzo can help you do the same via detailed written guidance with recommendations and responses to specific questions.  Zoom or phone consults are also available.


There's more to cancer care than pred!

Consultation Report Includes

  • Diagnosis and clinically relevant pathophysiology

  • Interpretation of current staging and bloodwork

  • Recommendations for additional diagnostics

  • Typical tumor behavior and prognostic factors where applicable

  • Prognosis for the patient with no further treatment

  • Prognosis with treatment

  • Direct and indirect treatment options

    • Chemotherapy / targeted therapy protocol, standardized or custom-designed, depending on the individual circumstances

    • Indirect treatment options will include nutritional support, supplements, immune support, and/or pain relief

  • Additional information as requested:

    • Information sheets on chemotherapy or targeted therapy handling and administration

    • Abstracts of pertinent literature

    • Client information sheets on tumor type and treatment options

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Arranging a Consultation

Please email us at Please include a summary of the case and your contact information in the body of the email. Please attach pertinent data, including medical records, bloodwork results, cytology, biopsy report, images, and imaging reports.


Dr. Rizzo will prepare your report within 72 business hours. 

Cost of consultation: $325

Additional questions regarding same case may incur a charge of $35 at the specialist's discretion. 

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