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No MRI?  No Problem!  

We can help.

Let's localize that lesion together! 

Then, we'll help you manage whatever you find.

Dr. Biegen will help you simplify the complicated neurologic exam you learned in school and help you manage cases without advanced imaging which is still inaccessible for so many patients. 

She can help you with:

  • Neurolocalization

  • Differential diagnosis list

  • Medical management of spinal pain and dysfunction

  • Seizure management

  • and much more

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Written Consultation Includes:

  • Diagnosis

  • Clinically relevant pathophysiology

  • Interpretation of diagnostics

  • Recommendations for additional diagnostics OR monitoring diagnostics

  • Targeted and supportive treatment options

  • Additional information can be provided as requested e.g.: 

    • Client Information sheets

    • Abstracts of pertinent literature

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Arranging a Consultation

Please email us at Please include a summary of the case and your contact information in the body of the email. Please attach pertinent data, including medical records, bloodwork results, cytology, biopsy report, images, and imaging reports.


Your report will be prepared within 72 business hours. 

Cost of written consultation: $325

Additional questions regarding same case may incur a charge of $35 at the specialist's discretion. 

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