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Remote Veterinary Specialists 
Assisting Primary Care Vets Nationwide

Tired of long wait times for your patients?  Is the nearest specialist over an hour away? We can help with our remote veterinary specialty services!


We provide written, comprehensive guides or live chats to help you take care of your most challenging cases.

Over 8 million cats and dogs are diagnosed with cancer each year. But only 1 in 10 will see a veterinary oncologist. That means, on average, the general practitioner will treat 150 cancer patients each year without the help of an oncologist. Yet, complicated, traditional treatments are no longer the only option. Today veterinary oncologists are utilizing therapeutic interventions that do not require a fume hood or hazardous IV chemotherapy.

A 7 yo, FS pit bull mix presents with an acute onset of non-ambulatory tetraparesis. You've performed a neurologic exam and you're sure this is a neuromuscular issue and are suspecting myasthenia gravis. It'll be a week before your AChRAb titer is back and you're concerned about waiting that long to treat. Now what? Start pyridostigmine? Immunosuppress? Let us guide you to the next best steps and medical management for this patient.

Many people joke that all internal medicine cases go through a rigorous diagnostic plan only to be put on steroids for their treatments. The bottom line is that there are, in many cases, better choices than prednisone. Along with nutritional support, biome support, and treating a pet wholistically our internists can guide you with detailed written recommendations, responses to specific questions and can be available via Zoom if needed.

Veterinary medicine is a rewarding and fulfilling career. But like all things worthwhile, it can be tough too. Susan Curtis, LICSW has coached many veterinary teams, giving them useful preventative strategeis and practical coping mechanisms to help avoid or deal with stress, anxiety, depression and suicidal ideation. You may not be struggling yourself, but chances are, someone on your team is. Maybe we can help.

Ragdoll Cat


Hope Veterinary Specialty Services was established with the desire to fill a void in veterinary medicine.  As veterinary specialists, we see and feel the increased challenges for pet parents seeking the absolute best for their family members.

When referred to a specialist, pet parents face long wait times, long commutes and even being denied care due to lack of capacity or staff. 

The doctors at Hope are excited to fill that gap by minimizing these obstacles. By providing primary care veterinarians the tools needed to treat their most challenging cases, pet parents can rest easy knowing their family members can get the care they need.   



Please email us at


Please include a synopsis of the case, patient records and any pertinent diagnostic results.  


Our specialist will provide comprehensive guidance within 48-72 hours.  

Pet Parents

Please ask your pet's primary care veterinarian to contact us.

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